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We undertook this journey to empower small businesses the ability to compete in the digital age.

The AppFactorie team have worked in outsourced software development for over 20 years, developing bespoke applications for a wide range of clients. Increasingly we discovered that smaller companies were being left behind due to the high costs of bespoke app development, meaning that they just couldn’t compete with the larger budgets of big business.

We found that instead business owners were turning to cheaper app scripts, but then disappointed as they are of poor quality and don’t work, leaving them in a position where they were disappointing customers, and having to constantly rectify issues.

Our goal is to constantly evolve AppFactorie to provide our customers with kick ass, yet affordable Mobile Apps, no matter their industry!

Affordable Apps For Your Business

We knew there must be another way. So, we decided to create an alternative! AppFactorie produces customisable apps in a range of verticals that allow businesses to create their very own branded applications with excellent functionality and without long lead times and sky high costs.

At AppFactorie, we feel passionately about providing excellent quality web & mobile apps, at affordable, realistic prices to allow businesses to compete in the app market.

Our App Delivery Platform

Having worked with a wide range of clients across the years, the AppFactorie team understand that the key to a successful mobile app is not just about the interface, we believe it’s ‘what’s under the bonnet’ that counts, so we have ensured that our apps have all the elements that enable you to monitor your performance in real time, and understand what’s driving your business.

All of our mobile and web applications are built upon our sophisticated app delivery platform, which gives our customers access to a wide range of features that allow them, not just to deliver services via the app, but to monitor the performance of their business. All of our apps include enhanced analytics, sales reporting, and CRM functionality.

Why Choose AppFactorie?

We have a wealth of experience in creating excellent iPhone and Android apps for startups, SME’s and corporate clients. Our mobile app delivery platform is underpinned by the wealth of knowledge our skilled designers and developers bring to every app which we create.

With teams based in both the Philippines and Russia, we have developed our apps with the international market in mind, and work with companies across the globe.

Our commitment to continuously improving our services sets us apart from our competitors, and our superior apps will set you apart from yours.